Zambezi River brings floods and fish

by editor / Apr 15, 2017 / 0 comments

-Flooding of the Zambezi River has now crossed the Bukalo Bridge and is well on its way to Lake Liambezi, as the Zambezi continues to overflow its banks.

Flood affected communities in Zambezi live in deplorable conditions

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-Communities in flood prone areas of the Zambezi Region's Kabbe South constituency, who relocated themselves to Nakobolelwa village, are living under deplorable conditions.

Flood situation in Zambezi considered life-threatening to residents

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-The flood situation in the Zambezi Region is now considered life-threatening to the residents there.

Zambezi traditional authorities make land available for green scheme projects

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-Zambezi could soon become the third region to introduce Government's Green Scheme project.

Zambezi farmers reject prices at government auction

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-Farmers in the Zambezi Region have refused to accept the selling prices for their cattle at a recent government auction at Lusese.

Zambezi CRO says Namibians don't understand democratic responsibilities

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-After 27-years of independence many Namibians still don't understand their democratic responsibilities in inclusive regional governance.

Police commander says women in Zambezi should not withdraw domestic violence cases

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-Women in the Zambezi Region were urged not to withdraw domestic violence cases, as this allows the perpetrators to continue abusing them.

Over 3 500 people to be evacuated in Zambezi

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-More than 3 500 people could face evacuation in the Kabbe North and Kabbe South constituencies of the Zambezi Region, if the Zambezi River continues to rise.

Severe damage to Kwena-Machita road after heavy rains in Zambezi

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-Heavy rainfall caused severe damage to the Kwena-Machita road in the Zambezi region's Katima Mulilo Rural Constituency.

Four minor girls raped

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Four minor girls were allegedly raped in separate incidents in the Zambezi, Omusati, Oshikoto and Kunene regions over the long weekend and last Monday. NamPol spokesperson Edwin Kanguatjivi informed the media about the cases at the weekly police briefing on Sunday.