NCCI calls on Zambia to release impounded Namibian trucks

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-The Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called on the Zambian authorities to release Namibian trucks that have been impounded in that country.

Namibia and Zambia hold joint malaria commemoration at Sesheke

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-Namibia and Zambia held a joint international malaria commemoration at Sesheke in Zambia on Tuesday

Namibia and Zambia sign agreement on health reforms

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Namibia and Zambia have signed a Cross Border Collaboration Agreement on health reforms in Sesheke.

Telecom Namibia acknowledges operating without licence in Zambia

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Managing Director of Telecom Namibia, Theo Klein says that they will comply with the regulations outlined by the Zambian Information and Communications Technology Agency (ZICTA).

Zambia issues warning to citizens travelling to or residing in South Africa

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-Zambian authorities have issued a warning to citizens intending to travel to or residing in South Africa, to exercise caution in the wake of xenophobic attacks.

Zambia eager for cooperation with Namibia in agriculture

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Zambia is eager to join forces with Namibia in the agricultural sector.

Maize fields in Zambia infested with army worms threatening food security

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Maize fields in Zambia have been infested with army worms and farmers are likely not to have a bumper harvest in 2017.

Namibian medical students in Russia, Cuba and Zambia upset with the government over unpaid allowances

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Namibian medical Students at People's Friendship University of Russia as well as those studying in Zambia and Cuba have not received their allowances for November, December and January.

Zambian opposition not happy

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The Zambian opposition leader has described a decision by the constitutional court to dismiss a petition against the recent presidential election result as a "clear miscarriage of justice".

Zambian woman arrested for alleged murder of her newborn baby

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A Zambian woman was arrested on Friday for the alleged murder of her newborn baby at Katima Mulilo. The woman, whose name is withheld until she appears in court, is a resident of the Cowboy settlement.