Zimbabwe's war vets head says ruling party expelled Mugabe

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-President Robert Mugabe was dismissed as leader of Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU-PF party on Sunday in a move to force a peaceful end to his 37 years in power following a de facto military coup.

Zimbabwe remains on tenterhooks

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-Tensions remain high in Zimbabwe.

A group of foreign journalists denied entry into Zimbabwe

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A group of foreign journalists, including a news crew from the NBC, were denied entry into Zimbabwe on Thursday.

SABANews Editor talks to NBC News on the situation in Zimbabwe

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The Zimbabwean military has temporarily taken control of the country to target what it calls as criminals around President Robert Mugabe amid high tension and reports of explosions in the capital Harare.

Zimbabwe military deny takeover in state TV address

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-Zimbabwean military officers read an address live on state TV in the early hours of Wednesday, saying they were not launching a coup but were "targeting criminals around" President Robert Mugabe.

Namibia, Zimbabwe information ministers sign new MOU

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Namibia and Zimbabwe reaffirmed their longstanding commitment to advance information sharing, digitalisation, skills training and media literacy by renewing a memorandum of understanding. The countries signed the original agreement in 2004 to enhance co-operation, best practises and infrastructural development in media affairs.

President Geingob pays tribute to fallen heroes of Zimbabwe's revolution

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-President Hage Geingob on Thursday laid a wreath at Zimbabwe's national heroes acre in Harare, paying tribute to the fallen heroes of that country's revolution.

President Hage Geingob leaves the country for a three-day state visit to Zimbabwe

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-President Hage Geingob has left the country for a three-day state visit to Zimbabwe on invitation of his counterpart, President Robert Mugabe.

President Hage Geingob off to Zimbabwe for three-day state visit

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-President Hage Geingob will leave for Harare, Zimbabwe on Wednesday for a three-day state visit.

Goats as collateral in Zimbabwe

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-Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa says banks are stuck in the old ways of doing things and failing to respond to the needs of our highly informalised economy. Earlier this week he tabled a new bill before parliament, one that compels commercial banks to accept livestock as collateral for cash loans.