President Hage Geingob off to Zimbabwe for three-day state visit

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-President Hage Geingob will leave for Harare, Zimbabwe on Wednesday for a three-day state visit.

Goats as collateral in Zimbabwe

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-Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa says banks are stuck in the old ways of doing things and failing to respond to the needs of our highly informalised economy. Earlier this week he tabled a new bill before parliament, one that compels commercial banks to accept livestock as collateral for cash loans.

New author brings unique writing style to publishing industry

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Artists in Zimbabwe are working to support the government's drive to ensure education for all and to promote a reading culture. A new author has brought a unique writing style to the book industry. Benjamin Sibanda writes books that merge past and present life in Zimbabwe.

No successor for Mugabe

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-Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has no plans to give up power, saying he has no acceptable successor yet.

Junior doctors in Zimbabwe protest against freeze in allowances

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A strike by junior doctors in Zimbabwe has entered its third day. The health professionals downed tools Wednesday, protesting against a freeze on jobs and allowances.

Namibia-Zimbabwe MoU to empower women

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Namibia and Zimbabwe are in the process of finalising a memorandum of understanding to empower women in order to reduce poverty.

Zimbabwe's government offers land to civil servants in lieu of 13th cheque

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There's a standoff in Zimbabwe between government and civil servants over bonuses. The government has offered residential stands in lieu of annual 13th cheques a proposal the workers have rejected.

Typhoid outbreak in Zimbabwe claims 9 lives

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-There has been a typhoid outbreak in Zimbabwe, and authorities are working hard to contain it.

IMF lifts sanctions against Zimbabwe

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The International Monetary Fund has lifted sanctions against Zimbabwe, after it settled all overdue payments to the IMF's 'poverty reduction and growth trust', in October.

Zimbabwe introduces first domestic paper money since Zim dollar collapse

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Zimbabwe's massive trade deficit have caused a dollar shortage which has paralyzed the nation.