Vessel carrying seven Namibians and 182 Zimbabweans docks at Walvis Bay

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-Seven Namibians and 182 Zimbabweans disembarked from the Carnival Cruise Liner at the Walvis Bay port, after the vessel docked there today.

Zimbabweans from cruise ship to be repatriated by Air Namibia

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-A group of 100 Zimbabweans have been transported to the Walvis Bay International Airport to be repatriated to their country by Air Namibia.

Zimbabweans have returned to the city centre as police and the army keep watch

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-Zimbabweans have returned to the city centre this morning as police and the army keep watch.

Zimbabweans living in Namibia call for electoral reforms

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Zimbabweans living in Namibia are calling for electoral reforms to ensure free and fair elections scheduled for end July.

Zimbabweans in the diaspora urged to consider returning home

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Zimbabwe's Head of State has called on all Zimbabweans living in the diaspora to consider returning home to participate in the rejuvenation of that country's development.

Local ZANU-PF supporters argue change of leadership good for the country

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Some Zimbabweans believe change in the leadership of the ruling ZANU-PF is the only solution to solve the country's political crisis.

Zimbabweans living in Namibia demonstrate at the country's embassy

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Zimbabwean nationals residing in Namibia also staged a demonstration in front of the country's embassy in Namibia, in solidarity with their country men and women, calling on President Robert Mugabe to end his 37-year long rule.

Giddy Zimbabweans gather in capital to march against Mugabe

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-Euphoric crowds have gathered in Zimbabwe's capital to demand the departure of President Robert Mugabe after nearly four decades in power.

City police arrests Zimbabweans in possession of expired goods

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-The Windhoek City Police on Friday arrested foreign nationals who were in possession of three shipping containers, packed with expired goods.