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In the advent of the global pandemic and the ensuing socio-economic challenges, NBC launched its ‘NBC Cares’ project which falls under its Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Communities around Namibia are going through exceptionally difficult times and the broadcaster, as a responsible corporate and public citizen understands that its role in these trying times is to serve as a catalyst and therefore aims to continue in its endeavor in the fulfilment of its mandate to the Namibian nation. 

The ‘NBC Cares’ campaign is structured around mobilizing capable stakeholders as well as the general public to deploy resources in order to assist and aid the most adversely affected communities due to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated rising socio-economic disruptions. 

NBC seeks to collaborate with Corporates, NGO’s, SME’s and the Government of the Republic of Namibia in order to source and distribute aid to these communities. Those who want to collaborate, provide financial relief or donate on a larger scale can email  

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The payment of TV licence is a legal obligation. Failure to comply may result in prosecution. The Namibian Broadcasting Act No. 9 of 1991 spells out the consequences of non-compliance, which include (upon conviction) the imposition of a fine and/or imprisonment as well as the confiscation by the State of any television set in connection with or by means of which the offence was committed. Further measures at the disposal of the nbc are the switching off of decoders and blacklisting.



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NBC Dubbings

Did you know you can request for a copy of a programme or interview that was broadcast on NBC?

All you have to do is fill-out a "Dubbing Request Form" and we will process your application.

The video/audio material is provided on a watermarked disc. 

For further information or requests, please contact : 061 291 3189 or 061 291 3141

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